13th Day of Christmas

December 4, 2019

Mark Boling Construction Inc.
13th Day of Christmas

🎶On the thirteenth day of Christmas, my favorite builder said to me…🎶

🎶Cozy on up, it’s fireplace install day…🎶 

If you’re installing a fireplace in your new home, today is the day! We can install gas or electric fireplaces depending on your preference and which utilities are available at your new home.

When you hire us, you’re getting high quality products in your home. 

Are you ready to build your dream home this holiday season? What a sweet surprise it would be to gift your loved one a free consultation with us to get started with your custom dream home today.

Call/text Mark at 785-213-4427 or email us at bmkcc4@yahoo.com #MarkBolingConstruction #TopekaHomeBuilder #NewConstructionTopeka #ResidentialBuilder #QualityBuilder #HonestBuilder #HighQualityBuilder


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