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21st Day of Christmas

21st Day of Christmas

🎶On the twenty-first day of Christmas, my favorite builder said to me...🎶 🎶It's trim work install and complete day...🎶 Today is the day all trim work will be installed and completed. The baseboards, crown moulding, window and door trim will be installed. We are...

20th Day of Christmas

20th Day of Christmas

🎶On the twentieth day of Christmas, my favorite builder said to me...🎶 🎶It's cabinets and countertops install day...🎶 Today is the day you'll get your cabinets and countertops installed in your kitchen, bathrooms, basement bars, etc...It is one of the most exciting...

19th Day of Christmas

19th Day of Christmas

🎶On the nineteenth day of Christmas, my favorite builder said to me...🎶 🎶It's finalize cabinets and countertops day...🎶 You'll need to have your cabinets and countertops finalized no later than 5 weeks out from the time we'll do the install. Are you ready to build...

Client Testimonials

My husband and I purchased a brand new home that was custom built (for a different family that had a job transfer to another state so they were unable to ever fully purchase or move into the home) by Mark Boling Construction. Mark has been a pleasure to work with. Once we moved in, Mark came by the home to introduce himself. He gave us his business card and told us to call him if we had any questions or found something we needed him to fix or check on in the home. We had a small water leak from a basement window right when we moved in. Mark realized they had forgotten to frame that window which caused water to get in. He was very apologetic and came out the following day to fix it himself. There have been a few minor things here and there (as with most new builds) and every time we have called him he has promptly taken care of the problem. Honestly, I was a bit overly critical about very minor things yet he was nice and swift to address each concern. My husband works in the construction field and has noticed multiple things in our home that he has said “you know he’s a good builder because look at that attention to detail. Most builders won’t go the extra mile on that.” Our 1 year home warranty is well past it’s expiration date, yet when my husband called to ask Mark who our sliding glass door manufacturer was so we could purchase a screen door, Mark told us not to worry about it, that he’d just send someone out to install one.

I cannot sauce our good things about this builder!


I just wanted to say thanks.  We slept great last night in our beautiful new home.  It was an amazing process and we can’t imagine doing this with any other builder besides you.  You are the best and you’ve excellent to work with from our first conversation on our dining room table over the plans. THANK YOU


We hired Mark to build our new home. He has been very easy to work with, and has done a fantastic job with scheduling to keep the building process on track and moving forward. We have been very pleased with the quality of the subcontractors that he uses, and he is excellent about calling us back in a timely manner and addressing any questions we might have. Mark is very organized and communicated with us well in advance of deadlines, so we had plenty of time to pick out our cabinets, carpet, tile, etc. We would highly recommend him if you are looking to build a home in the Topeka or surrounding areas!


It’s been a pleasure having Mark build our new home. We are currently in the middle of the build, and even with all the rain, it couldn’t have gone better. Its great to have a contractor that returns emails, texts, phone calls promptly and someone you can trust. Thanks, Mark, and family, for making our dream come true.

Glenn Voss

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